We invent brands. We reinvent brands.

We diversify and develop existing brands. We refine and revolutionise branding. We focus on building a cohesive identity to convey the essence of your event; breathing fresh life into an existing brand or creating an entirely new concept from scratch.  


Whether you have your own creative for us to play with or need new branding from scratch, we are up to the challenge and can’t wait to flex our frontal lobes and find something fantastic to really promote you and your event. 

We have collaborated with industry-leading event organisers and have extensive experience in design and client services, we’re looking to work with niche shows, global events and everything in-between. 


Distinctive visual and verbal cues are the building blocks to any strong brand, and we employ a collaborative approach to make brands look better and communicate their message more effectively. 

Whether you have existing assets or zero creative, we can recreate, remodel, or completely revolutionise your branding to ensure your show stands out.​