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Event guides, show catalogues, digital previews…

If you can dream it then we can do it. Previews to direct people to your event, guides and catalogues filled with everything attendees could possibly need to know while at the show, route planners and pocket guides containing concise information and invaluable maps of the area, reviews to round-up the main events and inspire attendance for next year. 

We know you have a lot of your plate already. It’s your first event, your fiftieth event, your last event before you retire - regardless, it’s a big job and the associated publications are the last thing on your mind. 

But deadlines are looming and you realise you don’t have time to source the content, you can’t find anyone to proofread the editorial, your designer is on holiday and you haven’t even looked at printers… 

So you give us a call. 

We will take care of everything, from creating schedules, flatplanning, designing layouts and sourcing content. Once you approve the publication we will arrange print and delivery to the venue, to the mailing list, to wherever you want! Our team are serious about standards, so rest assured our designers will check every line and our editorial team will proofread every letter. 

Whether digital or print, our event publications will boast eye-catching designs promoting your event and leveraging advertising opportunities to bring you added revenue. Underneath the dazzling exterior, you will find accurate, up to date listings and editorial information relevant to your show and to the industry.

Everyone knows an event guide is a useful tool to have at an event - how else would you know where to go, what to do, and who to see - but did you also know that many people retain the guide all year round? Filled with useful information, the guide acts as a directory for buyers, suppliers, competitors and just about everyone else your attendees would want to get hold of. 

And if you don’t fancy having a big old event guide taking up space on your desk, we can create a html or PDF version for you to keep neat and tidy on your desktop. 

Dream it. We’ll do it. 

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